PIRATE LATITUDES by Michael Crichton

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And at that moment Lazue shouted, “Sail ho!”

Straining his eye to the glass, Hunter saw square canvas directly astern, coming above the line of the horizon. He turned back to Enders, but the sea artist was already making orders to run out all the canvas El Trinidad possessed. The topgallants were unreefed; the foresprit was run up, and the galleon gathered speed.

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Review by Lynn Harnett (JAN 9, 2010)

Pure fun, Crichton’s posthumous pirate novel swashbuckles from dastardly deed to deadly danger and, just when all is lost, cobbles together ingenuity and luck to sail another day of derring-do.

It’s 1665 on the remote British colony of Jamaica where “privateers” keep the economy humming. News arrives of an especially rich Spanish prize anchored in the harbor of an island fortress, an impenetrable place bristling with cliffs, swamps and jungles and crawling with Spanish soldiers.

The previous year an assault on the island took the lives of the entire 300-man force, save one. That one, Whisper, his voice lost to a Spanish cutlass, is a broken man. But not even Whisper’s catalogue of deadly obstacles can deter our handsome hero, Capt. Charles Hunter, who mulls the information and assembles a crew of talented cutthroats.

Among them is the crafty Frenchman Sanson, “the most ruthless killer in all the Caribbean;” Basso, the tongueless “Moor,” a giant of a man who makes a living being underestimated; Lazue, a lithe, eagle-eyed woman who lives as a man but bares her breasts in battle to disorient the enemy; Don Diego the Jew, whose talent with explosives is beyond genius (encompassing a special invention involving the fresh intestines of rats), and Mr. Enders, the “sea artist” and surgeon whose skill as a helmsman is legendary.

Needless to say, none of these talents will go to waste as Hunter braves every peril land, sea and foe can throw up against him in a page-turner that never flags.

Soon to be a Spielberg movie, if rumor has it right, this one features no complicated characters or deep moments (unless sea monsters count?), just (fake) blood-soaked escapist fun.

AMAZON READER RATING: stars-3-5from 379 readers
PUBLISHER: Harper (November 24, 2009)
REVIEWER: Lynn Harnett
AUTHOR WEBSITE: Michael Crichton
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