HUSH by Kate White

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“Though the past week or so of her life could hardly be described as blissful, she had started to feel at peace again and hopeful about her future. But that had all changed in an instant. Everything in her life was in jeopardy now—her kids, her work, her future.”

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Review by Eleanor Bukowsky MAR 13, 2010)

In Kate White’s Hush, forty-four year old Lake Warren’s life is going downhill. Her husband of fifteen years, Jack, has left her and is suing for custody of their two children. To make matters worse, Lake has reason to believe that someone at the Park Avenue Fertility Center, where she works as a marketing consultant, may be up to no good.

One night, Lake makes a mistake in judgment that may have catastrophic consequences. She winds up at the scene of a murder, although she does not actually see the killer. Fearing that Jack will use her involvement as ammunition against her in their forthcoming custody battle, she decides not to reveal the truth to the authorities. If the detectives find out that Lake has withheld information, they may prosecute her for obstruction of justice, or even worse, accuse her of committing the crime herself.

This is a competently written, albeit formulaic, thriller in which White covers all of the usual bullet points: Beautiful damsel in distress turns sleuth. When she is threatened, she wonders if her nasty soon-to-be ex-husband is responsible–or perhaps the aforementioned killer, believing that Lake knows more than she is revealing, is trying to frighten her.

In an effort to uncover some hint of wrongdoing, Lake surreptitiously examines the clinic’s patient files, and even interviews some of the facility’s former patients. She discovers some troubling anomalies that arouse her suspicions, and she is hoping to learn the truth without tipping her hand. Fortunately, just when Lake needs a boost, a new man enters her life; he just might be the cure for what ails her.

Although the plot is hardly original, White does a capable job of generating enough suspense to hold our interest. There is a chase scene, a violent confrontation, and enough red herrings to keep the savviest reader from guessing the perpetrator’s identity. The author makes Lake appealing enough to generate sympathy for her predicament, insuring that we will stick around to see how she extricates herself from this gigantic mess. Hush is a quick, painless, and undemanding read, perfect for an afternoon or two of escapist pleasure.

AMAZON READER RATING: stars-4-0from 9 readers
PUBLISHER: Harper (March 2, 2010)
REVIEWER: Eleanor Bukowsky
EXTRAS: Excerpt
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