ALL THAT I HAVE by Castle Freeman, Jr.

Book Quote:

“ Russians are from away, if anybody ever was.

But Lyle don’t want to hear all that. He reckons he’s a cut above sheriffing. Or, put it another way, he reckons he’s a cut above sheriffing the way his boss does it, the way I do it. And Lyle’s got an answer for that, too. Don’t he just?”

Book Review:

Reviewed by Lynn Harnett (JAN 15, 2010)

Backwoods “sheriffing” is a holistic sort of activity, bearing little resemblance to “policing,” as most people understand the concept. Vermont author Freeman’s longstanding rumination on the subject steps to the fore in this wry, dry, fourth novel.

Narrator Lucian Wing, sheriff of Ambrose and 17 surrounding towns, doesn’t wear a uniform and he leaves his gun in his sock drawer. He does keep the county’s expensive shotgun in the trunk of the sheriff’s car, but he rarely uses the car. “I like my truck. Plus it saves the county money.”

Sheriffing, says Wing, isn’t like car repair. “You can’t do it with spare parts. It’s a whole thing you’re working on. It’s a whole thing you have to keep going….The sheriff brings law to people who don’t need law. He enforces the law for people who don’t break it, or not much. Sheriffing is like being the bouncer at the Ladies’ Aid lunch: when things are going normally they don’t work you too hard.”

But things are changing in rural Vermont like they are everywhere. Some rich Russians put up a huge sprawling hillside mansion and then hired local bad boy Sean Duke to do some roofing and Sean had the bright idea to break in after-hours.

AMAZON READER RATING: stars-4-0from 54 readers
PUBLISHER: Steerforth (March 3, 2009)
REVIEWER: Lynn Harnett
AMAZON PAGE: All That I Have
AUTHOR WEBSITE: An Interview with Castle Freeman on All That I Have
EXTRAS: Excerpt
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