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Before getting kicked off the police force, Private eye Jack Carpenter served for sixteen years as head of the missing persons department for the Broward County Police Force in Florida. Kicked off the force for being too rough with witnesses, Jack still works with the missing persons department as a consultant. His specialty is finding missing children. He and his Australian Shepherd, Buster, form a team and they have a special sense for locating the missing. Jack is especially good at finding damaged children such as those who have autism, have been abused, or are handicapped in some way.

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THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRED ended with Mikael Blomkvist dialing for emergency help after he found a man with an axe in his head and fugitive-from-the-law Lisbeth Salander in extremely critical condition with a bullet lodged in hers. THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET’S NEST begins where FIRE left off, and soon both Lisbeth and the man, Alexander Zalachenko, aka Karl Axel Bodin, are being airlifted to Sahlgrenska hospital…

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THE UNKNOWN KNOWNS by Jeffrey Rotter

Jim Rath brings a single-minded (almost obsessive) dedication to everything he does. When, while working at a gallery job at the Center for Gender and Power, his interpretations of the museum’s exhibits routinely become controversial, he gets fired from the job. As THE UNKNOWN KNOWNS opens, Jim is recently divorced from his wife Jean, whom he still loves.

We find out that Jean has really left because Jim has a larger obsession—he is convinced there is a secret underwater world called Nautika.

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THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU by Elizabeth Berg

Why would anyone want to attend their fortieth high school reunion? We find out in Elizabeth Berg’s bittersweet novel, THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU. The author introduces us to a diverse group of people in their late fifties who still remember what it was like to be an adolescent at Whitley High.

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As TRY TO REMEMBER begins in 1968, Gabriella is fifteen years old, living with her father, mother and two younger brothers near Miami, Florida. They have come to the United States from Colombia and though her parents both hold green cards, Gabi is afraid that they will all have their cards confiscated and be sent back to their village in Colombia. Gabi’s fears stem mostly from the fact that her father behaves erratically and her brothers get into trouble in school.

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LONG TIME COMING by Robert Goddard

LONG TIME COMING from British author Robert Goddard is a difficult book to categorize. He’s often referred to as an author of thrillers. This is the first Goddard I’ve read, so I’m not in a position to generalize, but LONG TIME COMING, (his 21st novel if I’m counting correctly) is part mystery-part suspense. This is not literary fiction, but it is a damn good yarn. The novel isn’t marred by the predictability of some mysteries, and it’s written in a very straight-forward style which manages to emphasize its credibility.

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