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FRAME UP by John F. Dobbyn

Michael Knight may be too young to remember the Green Hornet, but this junior partner in the Devlin and Knight law firm spends a lot more time in Frame Up risking his life than he does cross-examining witnesses in a courtroom. In fact, his first act in Chapter One is to struggle back to consciousness to the voice of his anxious father-figure senior partner, Lex Devlin. Mr. Devlin, as Michael always calls him, tells the younger man he’s in Mass. General Hospital and is “a roadmap of lacerations around the face.” Michael was wounded when a car he was walking toward exploded and he was “hit with something that felt like the defensive front line of the New York Patriots.” But it isn’t Michael’s injuries that pain him the most. Inside that car had been his best friend, John McKedrick.

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IRON RIVER by T. Jefferson Parker

In LA Sheriff’s Deputy Charlie Hood’s third adventure, set in the California desert border town of Buenavista, Hood joins an ATF operation to stem gunrunning to Mexico. When an ATF weapons-buy ends in the accidental death of a cartel leader’s son, the bad guys take revenge, abducting and torturing the agent responsible. Naturally a rescue is in the offing.

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31 BOND STREET by Ellen Horan

31 BOND STREET, by Ellen Horan, is the address of Dr. Harvey Burdell, a smooth-talking dentist with big ambitions. The setting is New York City, seven years before the Civil War. Burdell’s housemistress, thirty-six year old Emma Cunningham, has two daughters, eighteen and fifteen, but her late husband left her nearly destitute. She fervently hopes that Burdell will take her under his wing and solve her financial woes. However, her fortunes take a downward spiral when the dentist is found slaughtered in his own home. Who had the motive, means and opportunity to commit this horrific crime? Reporters speculate that Emma was either a gold digging monster or an innocent victim of circumstance. When the authorities finally arrest her, Emma hires an idealistic and determined defense attorney named Oliver Clinton. His opponent, Abraham Oakey Hall, is an aggressive and politically connected prosecutor.

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If you are at all familiar with any of Anne Lamott’s books, IMPERFECT BIRDS will have a very familiar ring to it. It tackles the themes of addiction, spirituality, 12- step programs and enabling.

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BROKEN GLASS PARK by Alina Bronsky

There are many reasons why teenaged Sascha Naimann is as tough as nails. She is a survivor of abuse, lives in the projects in Germany (in an urban ghetto called the Emerald) and is orphaned after her stepfather kills her mother (and her mother’s boyfriend) in a fit of jealous rage.

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THE STORM by Margriet de Moor

It seemed such a harmless, even playful thing: in the Netherlands, two sisters, two years apart and nearly identical in appearance, would trade places one weekend. Armanda, would stay home. looking after a toddler niece and attending a party that evening with her brother-in-law. Lidy, would travel south by auto and ferry to Zierikzee to give a birthday gift to Armanda’s goddaughter. Perhaps no one would even notice the difference?

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