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In Jo Nesbø’s The Devil’s Star, Harry Hole is an alcoholic who will be lucky to reach his fortieth birthday. His job as an inspector in Oslo Police Headquarters is hanging by a thread. He would not have a position at all if his supervisor, Crime Squad Chief Inspector Bjarne Møller, did not feel sorry for him, especially since he knows what a terrific detective Harry is when he manages to stay sober. Harry’s self-loathing is deepened by regret over his crumbling relationship with his lover, Rakel. He is all too aware that he cannot offer Rakel the stability and security that she and her young son, Oleg, need and deserve.

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CAUGHT by Harlan Coben

Dan Mercer’s life very quickly changes for the worst as TV newswoman Wendy Tynes catches him going to a meeting with a thirteen-year old girl she pretends to be to lore pedophiles like she thinks Dan is into her trap. Dan is vehement in his innocence and as the reader knows, he thought he was going to help a young girl not to have sex with her. However, in this case, despite the evidence against him, Wendy starts to have some doubt, especially when Dan’s ex-wife and her husband seem so willing to defend him.

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GAME CHANGE by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin

I am rating this journalistic account of the 2008 US political election 4.5 stars out of 5. While I do not consider GAME CHANGE to be serious reporting at its best, I was unable to put the book down. That must count for something….perhaps my desire to read the prurient and live it vicariously.

I am a world class political junkie! I am also a secret National Enquirer reader – something I do while waiting in super market lines. So, reading GAME CHANGE: OBAMA AND THE CLINTONS, MCCAIN AND PALIN, A THE RACE OF A LIFETIME was like eating a scrumptious hot fudge nut sundae for me…in a literary fashion. Lots of yummy stuff, but frequently lacking in nutrition.

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THE FORTY YEARS WAR by Len Colodny and Tom Schactman

Ask who the godfather of neoconservatism is and the typical answer is Leo Strauss, a German-born Jew who came to the U.S. in the 1930’s and taught political science first in New York and then at the University of Chicago. Among his notable students were Allan Bloom (The Closing of the American Mind) and Paul Wolfowitz, deputy secretary of state during the Iraq War.

Len Colodny and Tom Shachtman, the authors of THE FORTHY YEARS WAR: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE NEOCONS FROM NIXON TO OBAMA, acknowledge that “plenty of philosophers and strategists on the right, including Leo Strauss and Albert Wohlstetter, said and wrote similar things” concerning political theory.

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In British author Boyd’s capable hands it’s actually believable that a slightly depressed, mild-mannered climatologist chooses to go underground in a strange city rather than report a murder.

Born in Britain, Adam Kindred has lived in America most of his life. Now, newly, devastatingly divorced, he’s left his U.S. university job and hopes for a new start with a fellowship in London. Fresh from the job interview, he treats himself to a meal, exchanges pleasantries with another solitary diner and afterwards discovers that the man – a research doctor – has left a file behind.

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Bonners, it was 1792 in INTO THE WILDERNESS, the first book of her epic Wilderness series. Five books later, she gives readers the final book of the series, THE ENDLESS FOREST, set 32 years later. Readers who have not followed the series from its inception might enjoy the story, but the book will have more meaning and answer more questions for readers who have grown to know and love the Bonners since the beginning.

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