VORACIOUS by Alice Henderson

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“As it sniffed, she felt a tiny surge of relief and hope when a breeze greeted her face. The wind was blowing toward her, making it difficult for the creature to catch a scent of her.

Dropping low to the ground, it crept about, just as comfortable on all fours. Smelling the rocks and moss, the flowers and grasses, it snapped its head up and stared directly to where she lay in the shadows, its huge, luminous eyes reflecting in the moonlight. ”

Book Review:

Review by Ann Wilkes (OCT 9, 2009)

See Ann Wilkes interview with Alice Henderson on her blog site.

Alice Henderson’s Voracious gets the adrenalin pumping from the first page and doesn’t let up. Her protagonist, Madeline Keye, has a special gift that feels more like a curse to her most of the time. When she touches objects that others have touched, she sees flashes of images of what they are thinking, what they did in the past and sometimes what they are planning to do in the near future. Once her ability helped to catch a serial killer, but failed to save her best friend that was with her.

The whole town, save her new friend George, want nothing to do with her. Even her own parents thought it best that she move out at the tender age of 16.

Madeline is at a crossroads in her life. She could easily use her ability to work with the police to catch more criminals, but doesn’t like the price that she would have to pay – the disturbing visions that she would have to endure. She’s transferring to San Francisco to finish college. She can revel in anonymity in a large city where no one knows her.

Before she goes, she plans a backpacking trek into Glacier National Park, away from image-evoking objects, her small town of Mothershead, Montana and the people who shun her.

Her trip starts with disaster. She’s caught in a flash flood her first day out. A man named Noah Percival Lanchester fishes her out of the river. He brings her to his camp to give her food and dry clothes, her pack having been lost in the river. Something approaches his camp when night falls. Something large. It walks upright but is neither bear nor human. It’s an intelligent, inhuman predator that speaks like a man. Meanwhile, Noah reveals that he knows the creature. He’s been pursuing “him” for 200 years.

Madeline’s strength and courage are as palpable as her primal fear. Readers will enjoy the rich setting and attention to detail.

Henderson achieves scenes with exquisite suspense and sexual tension. Throughout the novel, she engages the readers every sense in her descriptions, carrying the reader along with all the emotions and chemical reactions Madeline experiences.

This isn’t my usual genre, but if this is typical of what can be expected, I’m going to have to start reading horror.

AMAZON READER RATING: stars-4-5from 5 readers
PUBLISHER: Jove (February 24, 2009)
REVIEWER: Ann Wilkes
AMAZON PAGE: Voracious
AUTHOR WEBSITE: Alice Henderson
EXTRAS: Ann Wilkes interview with Alice Henderson

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