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bookhead_mf2x125This morning I feel like telling you about a couple other blog sites — those kept by members of the MostlyFiction.com team and are well worth the visit.  These blogs allow each reviewer to delve deeper into the areas of fiction that most interests him or her and serve as an important role in bringing attention to books that are beyond the scope of MostlyFiction.com — almost like an advance reading list.  I subscribe to these blog sites and thought you might like to as well.  And I trust you won’t abandon MostlyFiction.com… but find these sites worthy supplements.

Guy Savage keeps a site called HIS FUTILE PREOCCUPATIONS… Guy reviews classics… but not just your classroom English lit classics.  Guy likes the gritty.  Noir, especially. But, Guy also likes to read books with a challenge, re-reading some of the true classics of the English language.  And those translated from other languages.  In the last five blogs, Guy has covered: Henry James, Emile Zola, Patrick McGrath, Nina Berberova, and Robert L. Fish Can’t blame you if you have never heard of the last three… that is Guy’s specialty, to seek out the lost books, read them and find out what made them work.  Eclectic, yes… the reviews are so well written that you feel just that much smarter for having read the reivew… even if you can’t find these obscure books in your local bookstore.

Mary Whipple has recently decided to take many of the reviews that she had previously written for Amazon or MostlyFiction.com and to post them in one place: SEEING THE WORLD THROUGH BOOKS.  Thoroughly impressive when you see this body of work in one place. In this short time, she has also added over thirty new reivews. Any long time visitor to MostlyFiction.com knows that Mary Whipple has been a key reviewer for this site for many years, and yes, it was quite disconcerting to me when I first learned of her plans.  However, once I saw her site come to fruition, I was simply in awe.  Because MostlyFiction is shared among twenty reviewers, it only covers a small percentage of what Mary reads.   So, while there is overlap between our two sites (and we are working on the best way to approach this since Mary is still a contributor to MostlyFiction.com), Mary is able to do things that she was not able to do previously.  Take for example, this review of a poetry book that she recently discovered: LONG DIVISION by Andrea Cohen, Mary Whipple’s unbridled enthusiasm is contagious, almost made me want to reprint it on MF, until I remembered that we don’t cover poetry.  And the entry before that is about a visit with the McDowell artists… where she happened to have discovered this poet.  Still, the majority of her site is devoted to her thorough book reviews. One advantage in Mary having her own site is that she no longer needs to “share” books with the rest of the team. She can review what she wants, when she wants.  So, yes, we are covering a lot of the same books (but at different times). When she reviews a book that MF is not covering and she feels strongly that our readership should know about the book, then her review will be reposted on MF.  At least, that is our current arrangement. All things grow and change, thus we will see where this leads.

Ann Wilkes, has a been maintaining a blog site SCIENCE FICTION AND OTHER ODYSSEYS for quite some time. Ann is a sci-fi author herself and attends many Cons, often sitting on discussion boards with other authors and often sharing tables during book signings.  She meets a lot of authors, both established and newbies. Ann has taken advantage of this great opportunity to interview those that she meets and if she hasn’t met them yet… she introduces herself via e-mail to request an interview.  Ann and I have found it works well for her to submit a review to MostlyFiction and then to post the interview for said author on her site.   In those cases, you have already seen me provide the link to her interview.  Personally, I find author interviews interesting and would love to post her interviews on MF, but how greedy can I be?  When Ann isn’t interviewing, she’s usually providing an update on Cons or other related news.  It may not be all books, books, books but she does give you an idea of what it is like to be author, getting her current book noticed, her successes at getting short stories published (and sometimes rejected), and finding the time to work on her current novel.  I’m embarrassed to say that MostlyFiction.com has yet to review Awesome Lavratt — blame it on Ann being our “beyond reality” reviewer… so I can’t ask her to do it!  I’ve read and it is fun romp.

Next time I do a free-wheeling blog entry… I’ll talk about Facebook.

feed_bigFor now… remember that for this site or any of the other sites, the best way to get daily updates to subscribe to the RSS feed.

And no matter what I site I recommend that you visit, always come back here. Promise!

October 11, 2009 · Judi Clark · 3 Comments
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  1. Guy Savage - October 11, 2009

    Thanks for the promo, Judi. I don’t deliberately seek out forgotten books, it just seems that way. Many of the books I review on my blog have been sitting on my shelves for years, and if anyone’s forgotten them, it’s me.

  2. Ann Wilkes - October 13, 2009

    Thanks Judi! :)

  3. Mary Whipple - October 14, 2009

    Many thanks, Judi. I’m enjoying my site but have no plans to disappear from MostlyFiction.com! A new review (for a book that came out yesterday, is on the way to you. And thanks, too, to those who were curious enough to visit my site. Best, Mary

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