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“But a man cannot be too careful in his choice of enemies, as Oscar Wilde pointed out.”

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Reviewed by Guy Savage (MAY 15, 2009)

Mon Dieu! Elegant Parisian PI, Aimee Leduc, owner of Leduc Detective Agency is back for Murder in the Rue de Paradis, the eighth mystery from author Cara Black. It’s August 1995, and to Parisians, that means it’s vacation time and everyone who can leave the city departs from the dust and heat for friendlier climes. Aimee, however, isn’t taking a vacation. She’s just landed a big contract, and feeling pleased with herself, she heads back from her late business meeting. On her way home, out of the blue, Aimee’s former lover, investigative journalist Yves Robert shows up without explanation. It’s been a long time since Aimee last saw him, and although Aimee’s been ignoring his e-mails, Yves expects to pick up the relationship where he left off. Now he wants to “try again,” and Aimee, ever a sucker for the “bad-boy type” falls into bed with Yves and is floored when he proposes marriage and apparently craves the whole domestic life thing. Incroyable!


The next morning Aimee wakes up to find Yves gone. A love-‘em-and-leave-‘em scenario rapidly turns into a murder mystery when Yves’s corpse shows up with his throat cut from ear-to-ear, and police tell Aimee that her lover is reportedly the victim of a transvestite prostitute. Given the evening they just spent together, Aimee isn’t about to swallow the party line on Yves’s death, and so she begins to investigate….


Curiouser and curioser, the suspect dies in police custody and before you can say “Quelle Horreur” Aimee is knee deep in Kurdish nationalists, Turkish fighters, an Iranian hit woman. The mystery is set in a nervous Paris reeling from a metro bombing, protests and political assassinations.


San Francisco based author Cara Black must be a Francophile, and this shows from the intricate descriptions of the Parisian settings to the text which is sprinkled with French phrases on almost every page. For PI mysteries with an ultra-femme touch (there are loads of details of Aimee’s outfits–down to her 3 inch heels), then fellow Francophiles may want to explore this mystery series designed with a light, femme, chick-lit touch which steers far away from dark, hard-boiled noir.


AMAZON READER RATING: stars-4-0from 16 readers
PUBLISHER: Soho Crime (March 1, 2009)
REVIEWER: Guy Savage
EXTRAS: Olivia Boler’s review and Excerpt
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