THE 21ST-CENTURY ECONOMY by Randy Charles Epping

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“Botnet: the term describes a network of hijacked computers used to send waves of email, bringing a targeted online business to a standstill”

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Review by Claudia Real (AUG 28, 2009)

A very sophisticated version of Economics for Dummies, Randy Epping’s The 21st-Century Economy: A Beginners Guide moves quickly through the topics of today’s economic world. Arranged as a theme-organized encyclopedia, the book is really a collection of paragraphs about central topics. For example, the CEO entry defines the term (yes, Chief Executive Officer) and describes the job in common language: “the big cheese.” Other acronyms are more sophisticated—IMF and so on—and the book tackles just about every subject the novice will have heard on TV or the radio.

The author is European and it shows, many of his examples and interests are Continental more than American, but part of his general point is that in an interdependent world, these kinds of divisions will give way (faster rather than slower.)

Mainly, though, the well-written and interesting book is the kind of thing you should read not so much to learn about the new economic world, but so that you’ll be prepared to understand what you hear from other sources. So, you find out what a “botnet” is and “cloud computing.” You get the basics about the gold standard and the rest, and what the book really makes you want to do is find out more.

Finally, this book is, more than anything else, a collection of definitions. Therefore, it’s of limited value in and of itself, but, if you foresee a budding interest for yourself in world economics, there’s no doubt that this quick volume makes an excellent beginning.

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PUBLISHER: Vintage (April 7, 2009)
REVIEWER: Claudia Real
AMAZON PAGE: The 21st-Century Economy: A Beginner’s Guide
AUTHOR WEBSITE: Wikipedia page on Randy Charles Epping
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