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I had dinner recently with a friend who asked me what I was reading. “The new John Irving book,” I told her. She became instantly animated. “I love John Irving,” she declared. “I’ve read everything he’s written, and watched the movies too.” I was almost finished with the newest Irving book, LAST NIGHT AT TWISTED RIVER, and was exhausted at what I found to be its inherent ups and downs. I needed her enthusiasm. “Tell me why you like him so much,” I asked. “Well,” she began, “his characters are always so interesting. And the stories, they’re usually tragic but still somehow funny. I love how he can do that.” I understood both these comments–and agreed. “He’s just different than all other writers.” I understood that too–I think.

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HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY by Audrey Niffenegger

HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY, Audrey Niffenegger’s successor to her immensely popular THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE, is a ghost story centered around a London cemetery and the people drawn, both voluntarily and not, to its intimacies. When Elsbeth Noblin dies of leukemia, she leaves her heirs with a strange legacy of demands and unfinished business. Her now-American and estranged twin Edie no longer has the chance to reconcile with her sister. Her lover Robert, who lived in the flat below her, is bequeathed her papers and diaries, although he is too grief-stricken to read them. And Elsbeth’s twenty year old, mirror twin, American nieces, Julia and Valentina, are left everything else, including Elsbeth’s Highgate flat, on the condition that they live in it together for a full year.

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Halloween Week!

GHOST STORIES & THE SUPERNATURAL IN FICTION OCTOBER – Who says ghost don’t exist?  Certainly within fiction,  ghosts are part of our “reality.”  Sometimes even vampires and zombies and demons and even scarier “other-world” type creatures. With Halloween almost upon us, I started thinking about all the books that has reviewed that include “ghost […]

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A CURE FOR NIGHT by Justin Peacock

In this debut novel, A CURE FOR NIGHT, Justin Peacock offers the reader an intense courtroom thriller. From page one, I was hooked and stayed hooked until the very end. As with the best page-turners, you won’t want to put this novel down until you find out what happens.

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CRIMINAL KARMA by Steven M. Thomas

If you’re looking for a good caper and heist book, a thriller to boot, CRIMINAL KARMA may be just up your alley. Rob and Reggie are two burglars with their eye on a set of large pink diamonds. At first, their plan to steal these diamonds fails and they have to go at it again. With the second try, things really heat up as they become involved with a crooked ashram in Santa Monica, California.

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THE OWL KILLERS by Karen Maitland

Karen Maitland transports readers to a world of superstition in her medieval mystery THE OWL KILLERS. In 1321, the village of Ulewic in England is ruled by the Owl Masters, pagan leaders who use violence and blackmail to keep the villagers under their control.

The village of Ulewic hangs in the balance between Christianity and paganism. The Owl Masters, masked men who are based on an actual cult, conduct rituals, including human sacrifice, to appease their gods.

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