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VICIOUS CIRCLE is a wonderfully entertaining, fantasy thriller a la noir. The novel abounds with otherworldly creatures – demons, ghosts, zombies, a succubus, lycanthropes, (loup-garous) and one of the Devil’s highest ranking minions. What makes the novel really unique, however, is the humor. Felix, (“Fix”), Castor is one of the wittiest protagonists I have come across in a long while. And many of Mike Carey’s other characters are real originals. Some of the dialogue made me laugh out loud while shaking in my proverbial boots.

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FROM DEAD TO WORSE by Charlaine Harris

Hey! Sookie fans – she’s back in her 8th adventure(s) with all the supernaturals – weres, vamps, shapshifters, faes, witches, and more!

Yep! Sookie, the 26 year-old telepathic barmaid extraordinaire from Bon Temps, Louisiana, has returned in FROM DEAD TO WORSE. Faced with new “challenges,” Sookie seems to mature in this novel. She acquires more of a sense of self and becomes, at the book’s end, a more confident and cautious person.

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Benjamin Weaver, Jew, thieftaker, and former pugilist, enjoys a certain notoriety and standing in 1722 London. As a Jew he is accustomed to derision and discrimination and has only in recent years come to bask in a sense of family and community. As a champion boxer he is a bit of a celebrity; feared and admired – a natural for the freewheeling, dubious profession of thieftaker, the 18th century private eye.

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In THE VOWS OF SILENCE, the fourth Simon Serrailler mystery, Susan Hill picks up where she left off in THE RISK OF DARKNESS. Detective Chief Superintendent Serrailler remains a loner who relishes his job and enjoys his passion for drawing. His warm and compassionate sister, Dr. Cat Deerbon, her husband, Chris, and their three small children return from their nine-month stay in Australia, and Simon resumes his old habit of dropping by to hang out with Cat and her family. However, there are changes in store for the residents of the cathedral town of Lafferton, and not all of them are pleasant.

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Megan Chance’s THE SPIRITUALIST is one of those books that exerts a strange hypnotic power over its readers (or at least this reader). Set in New York City in 1857, the novel offers a bit of everything: gothic thrills, mysterious deaths, paranormal experiences, rich historical detail, and even a dose of erotically charged romance. Chance, who is also the author of AN INCONVENIENT WIFE and SUSANNAH MORROW, is a skilled writer who deftly manages to create a convincing historical backdrop, interesting characters and an engaging plot. Though the novel languished on my shelf forever, once I finally picked it up I found it difficult to put down.

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QUARRY IN THE MIDDLE by Max Allan Collins

Writers are always telling each other to steal, but cover your tracks. So it’s funny that Max Allan Collins, in his new novel QUARRY IN THE MIDDLE, has decided to blatantly admit his inspiration by way of three epigrams at the beginning of the book. The epigrams are quotes from Dashiell Hammett, Akira Kurosawa and Sergio Leone, one novelist and two film directors who each told stories about lawless men who played one gang of criminals against another in the hope of getting paid by each. Perhaps Collins thought his rip off was too blatant and it was better to display rather than hide his appropriations. This was unnecessary because QUARRY IN THE MIDDLE stands very well on it’s own and merely nods to the works of these other artists.

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