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TWO OF THE DEADLIEST edited by Elizabeth George

Elizabeth George has assembled a very enjoyable collection of new mystery short stories by twenty-three known and new authors, including one by the editor herself. The “Two” in TWO OF THE DEADLIEST refers to two of the seven deadly sins, lust and greed. Each story includes one or both of these sins with varying degrees of success in incorporating these themes into the story.

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Novelizations of historic events can serve as an exemplary tool for understanding history for those who don’t have the patience to explore original documentation. Graeme Fife’s THE ANGEL OF THE ASSASSINATION, the story of Charlotte Corday: her life and her ultimate sacrifice, is no exception.

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TWISTED TREE by Kent Meyers

In this remarkable impressionistic novel, author Kent Meyers focuses not on plot development and not on character analysis (however well developed the characters may be), but on the rippling effects of the death of young Hayley Jo Zimmerman on her community (TWISTED TREE, South Dakota). Meyers does not dwell on Hayley Jo’s fate for its drama or its sadness but for its seeming inevitability, a main theme throughout the novel.

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PAST IMPERFECT by Julian Fellowes

In 1968 the London Season was on the wane. At one time it referred to the annual period when it was customary for members of the a social elite to hold posh debutante balls, dinner parties various soirees, large charity events, etc.. This period could begin any time after Christmas, depending upon the success of the hunting season in the country. It also coincided with the sitting of Parliament. London became a virtual marriage market during the Season….

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THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU by Jonathan Tropper

The book is told in the voice of Judd Foxman. It starts off with Judd finding out that his wife of ten years is cheating on him with his boss, a radio jock. Shortly after realizing he’s a cuckold, he gets a call from his sister telling him that their father died and that his father wanted them to sit Shiva. (This is a Jewish ritual that the immediate family participates in for seven days after the death of a loved one). Judd immediately leaves for his mother’s house to meet up with his two brothers, his sister, and his mother.

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SAVING SAMMY: Curing the Boy Who Caught OCD by Beth Alison Maloney

Are your kids healthy and happy? If so, you are way ahead of the game. Just ask Beth Alison Maloney, whose son, Sammy, came down with a mysterious malady at the age of twelve. He started yelling at the treetops and the squirrels, refused to go into bed at night, could not enter or exit through the front door of his home, and did not allow anyone to touch him…

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