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THE SIEGE by Stephen White

On a fine Saturday morning in April, the Yale campus is suddenly jolted by terror the likes of which no one could ever have imagined. More than two dozen students have gone missing in the past thirty-six hours, many of them the children of parents prominent in industry and government, and most of them recently “tapped” for one of Yale’s secret societies…

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The main character of this novel, Jeff Attman, is a globe trotting art critic and journalist. But he hates his job, even hates writing, which can pose a problem for a print journalist. He keeps at it because it affords him the opportunity to use an expense account to do what he really loves: drink, take recreational drugs, chase women, drink more, occasionally exercise his rapier wit, use more drugs. You get the idea. He is fun loving and intelligent. He is a kick, the type of guy whose company you would probably enjoy, albeit in limited measures.

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If you’re looking for a breezy, late-summer addition to your library, pick up a copy of Monica McInerney’s novel, GREETING FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE. A combination of an easy to follow main storyline combined with compelling subplots and a likable main character make it a quintessential beach book.

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Romulus Ledbetter of THE CAVEMANS VALENTINE is one of the most usual protagonists that I have met in a long while. And I found myself not only intrigued by his complex character but liking him very much. This is a fascinating murder mystery and a well written narrative…

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FIFTY GRAND by Adrian McKinty

Adrian McKinty’s latest thriller FIFTY GRAND begins in Wyoming on a frozen lake as a masked assailant forces a naked man at gunpoint to hammer a hole in the ice and then jump into the freezing water. Sobbing and begging for mercy, the man asks, “How did it come to this?” Then the novel goes back in time to answer that question.

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DEAD I WELL MAY BE by Adrian McKinty

And so, after discovering a copy of DEAD I WELL MAY BE languishing unread on my bookshelf, I picked up this earlier McKinty novel wondering if the same clever use of structure would appear and whether or not McKinty is as good a storyteller as FIFTY GRAND implied…. DEAD I WELL MAY BE is the first novel in the Michael Forsythe trilogy and begins in Ireland in the aftermath of an IRA bombing.

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