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ENDER IN EXILE by Orson Scott Card

If there can be one criticism of Orson Scott Card’s nearly perfect science fiction masterpiece Ender’s Game, it’s that the ending feels rushed. After destroying the Formics, Ender is carted off across space, where, in just one chapter, he learns to govern a colony and discovers the complex truth about why the Formics allowed him to annihilate them. Over twenty years later, Card has addressed this shortcoming in his most recent endeavor ENDER IN EXILE.

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THE BLINDFOLD TEST by Barry Schechter

Book Quote: “On the second floor he paused before turning the key. He had opened his door on other nights to find the apartment ransacked or flooded with raw sewage or—the result, apparently, of an electrical fire—reduced to the struts and wires behind a movie set. But the card-table furniture, cheap stereo, bare bulbs, and […]

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FOLLOW ME by Joanna Scott

Joanna Scott’s lyrical novel, FOLLOW ME, traces the story of three generations of women and their family secrets. Sally Werner tells her life story to her granddaughter and namesake, who in turn serves as the frame narrator for the story.

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SNAKESKIN ROAD by James Braziel

There is a time in the future, only 35 years from now, when everything has gone to hell.

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In THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, the second volume in the late Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy, publisher Mikael Blomkvist and the police are conducting parallel investigations into three horrifying murders — and their initial evidence points straight at young computer genius and social misfit Lisbeth Salander.

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LOWBOY by John Wray

The action in John Wray’s absolutely breathtaking novel, LOWBOY, all unfolds over the course of one single November day. Seventeen-year-old William Heller, a schizophrenic, escapes from his institution, goes off his meds and embarks on a mission to prevent global warming from totally annihilating the world.

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