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BAD COP by Paul Bacon

A humorous view of cop life and fast-paced action introduce the reader to “New York’s least likely police officer.” What, Jeff Foxworthy as a cop? Close. Only Foxworthy or Paul Bacon could get away with plastering on the cover of a book: Duty called. I couldn’t find the phone. That, and the cop cliché of a partially eaten doughnut. Though this thought-provoking, hilarious reality cop tale appears to be mostly fiction, it is a memoir. “Some incidents have been combined, and all criminal suspects and NYPD members of service are depicted as composite characters, except the narrator and the cat.”

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In YES, MY DARLING DAUGHTER, Grace is a single mother living in London with her nearly 4-year old daughter, Sylvie. Sylvie is an interesting child. She has never once called her mother anything but “Grace” from the time that she started talking. She is completely phobic about getting any water on her face and she draws the same house over and over, claiming it to be “my house,” though the house looks nothing like the flat she and her mother live in. She says other weird things, such as accusing her best friend Lennie as being “not my Lennie.” And, she is very sad. Normal children are not sad.

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Thirty-five year-old Molly Divine Marx finds herself watching her own funeral. She thinks to herself, “I’m dead, but I have not lost my “joie de vivre.” Death is a new experience for our protagonist, so she is surprised to find she has the ability to observe life as it continues on without her. She watches the people she left behind and listens to their thoughts. Molly is in a place called the Duration.

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THE DOWNHILL LIE by Carl Hiaasen

Returning to golf thirty-two years after he gave it up, author Carl Hiaasen, famous for his off-beat and hilarious South Florida mysteries, shares his struggles to relearn the game of golf and maybe, even, learn to have fun with it. Golf is not a natural “fit” for Hiaasen—”I was just as restless, consumed, unreflective, fatalistic, and emotionally unequipped to play golf in my fifties as I was in my teens,” he admits. So why did he do it? “I’m one sick bastard.”

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PYGMY by Chuck Palahniuk

Foreign exchange students from an unnamed oppressive socialist regime have arrived in an unnamed midsized Midwestern city to create chaos in America’s virtuous heartland. Armed with years of political indoctrination and martial arts tactics, their mission – Operation Havoc – consists of progressing to the National Science Fair in Washington D.C. where they will commit a massive act of biological terrorism.

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Jack Reacher is in the Big Apple in Lee Child’s GONE TOMORROW. He is just passing through, minding his own business, but as usual, trouble follows Reacher wherever he goes. This time, he is heading uptown on the number six train at two o’clock in the morning when he spots a woman who is displaying many of the behavioral indicators of a suicide bomber.

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