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Hannah Gonen is only thirty when she makes this observation about her husband Michael. A young woman living in Jerusalem in the late 1950s, she has been married for ten years to a man she pursued and married when she was in her first year at the university and he was a graduate student…

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Did Templar Knights come to America a hundred years before Columbus? Was their Scot leader, Prince Henry Sinclair, entrusted with a sacred treasure he determined to keep safe in the New World? Did his second-in-command, Sir James, die during their exploration of the territories now within the northwest corridor of the U.S. and lower Canada? Was that dead knight’s grave much more than merely a memorial to him? What happened to Prince Henry?

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FLIPPING OUT by Marshall Karp

LAPD Homicide Detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs meet partners in crime, Detectives Reggie Drabyak, Tony Dominguez and Charlie Knoll at a “Sunday debriefing” on Reggie’s fishing boat. Cop talk is out – cards, beer and banter is in. The guys call it a night at around 10:00 PM. Reg decides to sleep on his boat because his wife, Jo, an event planner, is working a wedding and won’t be home until the early hours. Monday morning, early, Lomax and Biggs are notified that Jo Drabyak has been shot and killed, mob style, with a bullet in the back of the head.

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REVELATION by C. J. Sansom

C. J. Sansom’s REVELATION takes place in 1543, a tumultuous year in English history. Religious fanaticism is on the rise among Protestants and Catholics alike; Henry VIII, who is ailing, has been urging Lady Catherine Parr to become his sixth wife, but she is reluctant to accept his proposal; the chasm between rich and poor is huge, with filthy, starving, and often mentally ill beggars crowding the thoroughfares…In this, the fourth installment in Sansom’s splendid series, the narrator, forty-year old lawyer Matthew Shardlake, seems to have finally found peace of mind.

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Shauna Reid’s THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF DIETGIRL is a heartfelt account of her battle to say goodbye forever to her Bonds Cottontails Full Briefs, size 24. At her largest, Reid weighed over three hundred and fifty pounds; her self-esteem was zero. This candid and witty book is written in diary form and is based on a blog that Reid posted on the Internet over a number of years.

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