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KILLING CASTRO by Lawrence Block

This breathtaking thriller, originally published the year before the Cuban Missile Crisis under a pen name Lawrence Block never used before or since, is the rarest of Block’s books—and still a work of chilling relevance all these years later, with Castro and Cuba once again commanding headlines.

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ALL THE LIVING by C. E. Morgan

In this assured and evocative debut novel set in rural Kentucky, author C. E. Morgan comes closer to conveying the essence of life, as she sees it, than do most other novelists with generations’ more experience. Writing about an area in which she still lives, Morgan recreates the bare bones lives of subsistence farmers who are irrevocably tied to the land, a land which is sometimes fickle in its ability to sustain those who so lovingly tend it.

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THE WRITING ON MY FOREHEAD is a multi-generational tale involving a complex Indo-Pakistani clan which is scattered all over the world. They periodically gather in Pakistan, England and America for family visits. The elders who live in the West are determined to familiarize their children with the rich culture and traditional mores of their heritage. Nafisa Haji has written, with lyrical prose, a multi-layered, coming of age story which is sure to appeal to many readers. Saira Qader, a first generation American, is the narrator.

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It is 1950. At Buckshaw, her family’s old country estate, wronged Flavia de Luce is out for vengeance and poison is her weapon of choice. This eleven-year-old British girl, whose passion is unquestionably “the central science,” has access to a thoroughly outfitted lab, and plenty of plants in the garden from which to distill gleaming liquids of wicked retribution.

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LOOK AGAIN by Lisa Scottoline

“Ellen couldn’t stop looking at the white card, which read HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CHILD? The resemblance between the boy in the photo and her son was uncanny. They had the same wide-set eyes, smallish nose, and lopsided grin. Maybe it was the lighting on the porch…. She held the photo closer, but came to the same conclusion. The boys could have been twins.”

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A DATE YOU CAN’T REFUSE by Harley Jane Kozak

A DATE YOU CAN’T REFUSE is the fourth novel from author Harley Jane Kozak to feature serial dater, minor TV celebrity, and “alternative” greeting card designer, Wollie Shelley. Laugh-out-loud funny, this hilarious novel follows Wollie’s blunders as she attempts to lead a double life. SEE AUTHOR INTERVIEW, as well!

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